Attendees at the ICMPC17-APSCOM7 can now access and download the ICMPC17-APSCOM7 e-Proceedings

– We strongly recommend that you read carefully the e-Proceedings Manual before you start using the system.
– The ID and password were included in the email message (subject: “ICMPC17-APSCOM7: Final Confirmation”) sent on August 15 by Kinki Nippon Tourist. The e-mail has been sent to the attendees who completed registration and payment. The ID and password are also available at the conference venue.

Through the e-Proceedings, attendees can access online conference materials such as structured abstract and proceedings papers, as well as videos and posters (if any). Online Q-&-A boards are also accessible from the e-Proceedings by which attendees can communicate with presenters online (post comments and questions). These materials and Q-&-A board will make your conference experience fruitful, so don’t forget to try and use them!