List of Changes/ Corrections in the Program and e-Proceedings


Presentation cancellations

The following presentations have been canceled due to the requests by the author(s) or the no-show at the session.

  • [Session 5C: Emotion 3]
  • Being Moved by Sad Music across Countries: Characterizing the Experience in Finland, Germany, and France (by David J. Grüning, Mareike Kaemmerer and Jonna K. Vuoskoski)
  • [Session 9B: Emotion 4]
  • Perceiving Emotions in Music: Effects of Sound Quality, Empathy, and Alexithymia (by David J. Grüning, Naomi Marchant, Mareike Kaemmerer and Olivier Luminet)
  • [Session 9E : Loop]
  • Earworms and Neural Replay of Mental Representations for Recently Heard Music (by Benjamin Kubit, Elizabeth Margulis, Kenneth Norman and Petr Janata)
  • [Session 13: Online poster session]
  • Musical Interval Perception in Violinists (by Anna Gruzas and Andrew Goldman)
  • Exploring Online Fan Networks of Popular Music Artists (by Pooja Desur and Vinoo Alluri)
  • [Session 15: Poster2a]
  • Mismatch Negativity to Alarm Sounds with Dissonant Intervals: A Preliminary EEG Study (by Yuzuki Kitamura, Yuka Shirakawa, Gerard Remijn and Yosuke Kita)
  • An MPA model for performers’ expressivity across cultures: Analysis of vibratos in a gayageum sanjo (by You Jin Kim, Moo Kyoung Song and Juhan Nam)
  • Use of Music for Emotional Regulation and Social Surrogacy during Covid-19 in India (by Saumya Srivastava and Vinoo Alluri)
  • Superior Pitch Identification Ability Revealed by Gray Matter Volumes and Cortical Thickness in Non-musicians (by Jiancheng Hou, Chuansheng Chen and Qi Dong)
  • [Session 16: Poster 2b]
  • Maladaptive Usage of Music and Social Media during Covid-19 Lockdowns in India (by Saumya Srivastava and Vinoo Alluri)
  • [Session 18E: Emotion 7]
  • Harmful or Beneficial? Effects of Liked and Disliked Music on Psychophysiology (by Julia Merrill and Anna Czepiel)
  • [Session 19C: Development 3]
  • Rhythmic Development in 5- to 8-Year-Old Children and Adults: The Role of Motor Skills (by Franziska Degé and Johanna Karoline Will)
  • [Session 19D: Perception 3]
  • Classical Concert Visitors: Attendance Motivation, Expectation and Experience (by Martin Tröndle, Christian Weining and Wolfgang Tschacher)

Errata in Structured Abstracts and Proceedings Papers

The following corrections/modifications were made in the structured abstracts and proceedings papers.  

  • [Session 4D: Rhythm 2]
  • Presentation ID: 1-pm-4-D-05

Authors: Takayuki Nakata and Yuko Shirakawa

Title: Superior Timing Synchronization is Achieved when Performing Lower Left-Hand Part during Piano Duet with a Virtual Partner

Page: 2

Line: 33 in Section 2.2

Now reads: The resulting average transmission delay between tap registration and sound out was 3.78 ms (SD = 1.06).

Should read: The resulting average transmission delay between tap registration and sound out was 49.35 ms (SD = 4.60).

  • [Session 13: Online poster session]
  • Authors: Emily Graber, Mateusz Solinski, and Elaine Chew

Title: Decoding music’s amplitude envelope from neural and cardiovascular signals

Page: 477

Acknowledgements: This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłowdoska Curie grant agreement No. 101028532 and the European Research Commission Advanced Grant No. 788960.

  • [Session 16: Poster2b]
  • Presentation ID: 4-am-3-M-02

Authors: Tam Nguyen and Emery Schubert

Title: The Impacts of Film Exposure on Emotion in Music

Page: 3

Line: 17 in Section 3.1

Now reads: d = 6.04

Should read: d = .604

  • [Session 20B: Symposium 16 (Music listening as nuanced, situated and complex affective experiences)]
  • Full list of authors of the 3rd presentation: Margarida Baltazar (1, 2), Iballa Burunat (1, 2), Deniz Duman (1, 2), Martin Hartmann (1, 2), Anastasios Mavrolampados (1, 2), Suvi Saarikallio (1, 2), Nerdinga Snape (1, 2), and Petri Toiviainen (1, 2) Affiliation: (1) Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies, University of Jyväskylä, (2) Centre of Excellence in Music, Mind, Body and Brain