Update: Information for online participation

Update: Information for online participation

(Updated on October 31, 2022)

We have updated our statement for online participation as follows.

– All oral and poster sessions will take place in Japan Standard Time (UTC+9) during two blocks: 08:00-12:00 and 15:00-18:00. When submitting papers and proposals, online participants can indicate their preferred presentation time slot (although we cannot guarantee the requested time slots).
– All presenters are encouraged to submit pre-recorded video presentations (optional), archived on our website with limited access to all ICMPC17 participants.

Paper presentations:
– Onsite (in-person) oral presentations will take place at the conference venue (Nihon University, Tokyo), which will be streamed online via Zoom (or other possible means). The main methods of questions and comments by online participants will likely be limited to text-based (i.e., via text chat on Zoom).
– Online oral presenters can provide their presentations in real-time (via Zoom). Alternatively, the presenter can submit pre-recorded videos, which session chairs will stream in the allocated time.

Poster presentations:

Because hosting hybrid poster sessions is technically challenging, poster sessions will be held in two modes: onsite and online.

– Onsite presenters will have opportunities to display their posters at the conference venue and have discussions in person. Importantly, onsite poster sessions will not be streamed online. Instead, all poster presenters are asked to upload the posters in PDF format (and optional video presentations), which will be shown on our website for further discussions with all participants.
– Online poster presenters will provide their posters in PDF format as well as video presentations (mandatory), which will be uploaded to the ICMPC17 website. Currently, we are discussing possible solutions for an interactive discussion platform for online poster presenters. At least we will try to provide a text-based platform.

Please note that the online participation condition described here is subject to change, as the estimated budget for technical solutions for the hybrid conference is far more than expected. It is extremely difficult to foresee the number of onsite and online participants. Any future changes will be announced here.