Guideline for Session Chairs

Guideline for Chairing a Presentation Session

Thank you for your willingness to support the conference by serving as a session chair.

Pre-Session Preparation:
  • Notify Reception Desk: Inform the reception desk of your presence on your chairing day.
  • Arrive Early: Go to the corresponding room about 15 minutes before the session (some breaks may be shorter than 15 minutes. If this is the case, please go to the room as soon as possible).
  • Review Schedule: Check for any following plenary activities to announce at the end of the session.
  • Get to Know Technical Assistants: Introduce yourself with the technical assistants in the room.
  • Coordinate with Presenters for Technical Check: Identify the presenters and coordinate with them to perform a technical check. Note that presenters may be onsite or online. For online presentations, some may present live via Zoom, while others may have pre-recorded videos to be played.

Note for the pre-recorded video presentation
If a presenter has a pre-recorded video, the technical assistants can play it. Additionally, some pre-recorded video presenters may join via Zoom for Q&A. Check if the presenter is available before Q&A. If a presenter is absent on Zoom, the Q&A will be in the the online discussion forum.

During the session:
  • Welcome: Briefly welcome, state session title, speaker count, and introduce yourself.
  • Introduce Presenters: Before each presentation, introduce the presenter by name and affiliation.
  • Time Management: Monitor the time closely and enforce time limits as needed.
  • In Case of No Show: Keep the scheduled duration empty; do not move on to the next presenter.
  • Handle Q&A:
    1. a. Invite the audience to ask questions at the standing microphone.
    2. b. Monitor questions from online participants via Zoom chat messages.
    3. c. Repeat or summarize questions, if necessary.
    4. d. If a question or answer is lengthy, politely intervene to keep things moving.
  • Address Technical Issues: Be prepared to address any technical issues or seek assistance from technical assistants.
Closing the session:
  • Thank Attendees and Speakers: Thank the audience and speakers for their participation.
  • Announce Follow-Up Activities: Announce any subsequent plenary activities.
  • Notify Reception Desk (if applicable): In case of no show, please make a note on the form in the room, sign it, and give it to the technical assistants present.

If you have any questions, please contact Makiko Sadakata before the 23rd of August. Alternatively, you can reach out to the Reception Desk during the conference or to the technical assistants who will be present in the room during the session.