Information for Online Participation/Presentation

The information on this page has been updated. Visit here to see the up-to-date version.

ICMPC17-APSCOM7 is open for online participation. However, please note that the recommended mode of participation is onsite and it is not a full-hybrid conference.

This means the following:

  • – All conference programs will take place in Japan Standard Time (UTC+9).
  • – The conference fee will be the same for onsite and online participants as a large portion of the budget will be allocated to support online facilities.
  • – Not all rooms in the conference venue can support two-way online communication. Therefore, we have limited online live presentation possibilities. We are considering accepting pre-recorded movie presentations as an alternative to live-online presentations for rooms with limited communication capacities and for those who will present from other time zones.
  • – Spoken presentations will be live streamed in Japan Standard Time. Currently, we are not planning to create a movie archive of presentations during and after the conference.
  • – Poster presentations will be divided into onsite and online sessions. No recordings of poster presentations will be made during the conference.
  • – We will try our best to find reasonable time slots for online presenters from other time zones, but it may not always be possible.
More detailed information will follow in the coming months.