Welcome Message by Co-chairs of ICMPC16th

The 16th International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition (ICMPC16th) with the Asia-Pacific Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music (APSCOM2021) provides the opportunity for all those around the world who are working in all areas concerning music perception and cognition. The ICMPC16th is organized by the organizing committee of ICMPC16th, and supported by the Japanese Society of Music Perception and Cognition (JSMPC).

The technical program includes plenary and keynote lectures, contributed papers, and poster presentations. Papers concerning music perception and cognition cover a broad range of disciplines such as psychology, psychophysics, philosophy, aesthetics, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, psychoacoustics, linguistics, acoustics, music theory, anthropology, cognitive science, education. The conference venue is Nihon University College of Art, Ekoda Campus in Tokyo, JAPAN. As most of you know, Tokyo is the Capital City of Japan. It is one of the megalopolises around the world. It attracts lots of branches or antenna shops from most of the regional places in Japan, so you can touch almost every aspect of Japanese culture and/or tourism information with great ease during your stay in Tokyo. You may also expect some favorable aftereffects of Tokyo 2020 Olympic games for the hospitality and facility for foreign tourists.

The ICMPC16th with APSCOM2021 would like to also offer opportunities to enjoy Japanese cultures along with historical and brand-new music in Japan. On behalf of the committee of ICMPC16th, we would like to welcome all of the people in the world who are working for music perception and cognition to meet in Tokyo, at 23-27, August 2021.

Hiroshi Kawakami(Nihon University) and Masanobu Miura(Kunitachi College of Music)
Co-chairs of ICMPC16th